Susan A. James CHt

Hypnosis for Study Habits & Test Anxiety!

Study Habits
Test Anxiety

Do you feel anxious when you know a test is coming up?

Do your grades suffer because of incomplete work?

Do you have difficulty passing your work in on time?

With Hypnosis you will discover how to Release Test Anxiety, Ace those Exams and create Study Habits that will allow you to manage your time efficiently and Feel Calm, Confident and Relaxed in testing and study situations!

Hypnosis is safe and effective.

It is a non-invasive, drug free process that has been proven for centuries to create positive results. Side effects of hypnosis are all positive: feel your energy levels soar, sleep well, experience mental clarity and improved focus!

It’s SO Easy!

The program is so easy! It does not involve drugs, pills. Clients simply listen to their customized recording as they fall asleep. Results are amazing! Release that test anxiety and those poor study habits and be Happier, Healthier, more Confident, Calm, In Control of your time and your Life!

You are in control of your success!


Susan A. James uses only positive and nurturing techniques. She records the hypnosis portion of your session right there while you are being hypnotized. At the end of the session you receive this recording. The more that you listen to this recording the faster you will see results. The key to transformation is repetition. The more you see/hear/experience your goals, the more they become real for you. Listen only in a comfortable, relaxed state. You can even put the recording on at night and fall asleep to it. It’s that easy! (Never listen while driving or doing any activity other than relaxing)

I was trying to pass the bar and failed it once. I went to Susan for help. Susan helped me relax and manage my time well so that i was able to study more efficiently and pass.

I was struggling to take my nursing exam. I knew all of the information but when it came to the test, I failed 3 times. I felt terrible and failing was really holding me back. I saw Susan for help and she got me to relax and allow me to feel less anxious about the test. And to understand that I do know a lot more than I think that I do and the anxiety is getting in the way of letting that information flow from my brain out on to the paper. She helped me relax and increase my ability to retain information as I studied. I passed the test with flying colors!

My teenager was struggling in school due to poor study habits and test anxiety. I saw an ad for Susan's services and we went. After 2 sessions I saw such a difference in my teen. She was sleeping better, studying more and her grades were going up. We went from a barely passing C to a solid B. I am so grateful we caught this before college. Thank you Susan!