Susan A. James CHt

Stop Biting your Nails!

Nail Biting

Are you…..

Embarrassed for other people to see your fingers and nails because of the damage that you have done to them?

Do you catch yourself biting, chewing on or picking at your nails when you don’t even realize that you are doing it?

Have you been biting, chewing on or picking at your nails for as long as you can remember?

Have your tried everything form fake nails to cayanne pepper on your nails to get yourself to stop?

Does the appearance of your nails effect your confidence in yourself socially?

With Hypnosis you will discover how to Stop destroying your fingers and nails and feel good about them instead!

Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to treat Nail Biting. It is a non-invasive, drug free process that has been proven for centuries to create positive results. Side effects of hypnosis are all positive: feel your energy levels soar, experience mental clarity and improved focus!

It’s SO Easy!

The program is so easy! It does not involve surgeries, drugs, pills, or fake nails. Clients simply listen to their customized recording as they fall asleep. Results are amazing! Stop biting your nails and be Happier, Healthier, more Confident, and Feel In Control of Life!

You are in control of your success!

Susan A. James uses only positive and nurturing techniques. She records the hypnosis portion of your session right there while you are being hypnotized. At the end of the session you receive this recording, you to put on at night and fall asleep to! It’s that easy! (Never listen while driving or doing any activity other than relaxing)

“I learned to relax into a much deeper state then I ever have before. The relaxation feels great. Susan is really good at what she does” -Chene

“I was very impressed and found the process very helpful”

My nails were so bad it was not hygienic enough for me to go to work. Susan 's program fixed all that. It was easy and made my nails grow long and strong.