Susan A. James CHt

Hypnosis for Increasing Confidence!

Increasing Confidence

Do you:

Feel perfectly capable but not at all confident about your abilities?

Find yourself embarrassed about not performing to your fullest potential? 

Hear self talk that is very negative and critical of yourself even over the littlest things?

Experience your Best Self!

With Hypnosis you will discover how to release those negative thoughts and feel confident in yourself and your abilities! Hypnosis is a safe and effective way to release limiting thoughts. It is a non-invasive, drug free process that has been proven for centuries to create positive results. Side effects of hypnosis are all positive: feel your energy levels soar, experience mental clarity and improved focus!

You are in control of your success!

Susan uses only positive and nurturing techniques.  She records the hypnosis portion of your session right there while you are being hypnotized.  At the end of the session you receive this recording. The more that you listen to this recording the faster you will see results. The key to transformation is repetition.  The more you see/hear/experience your goals, the more they become real for you.  Listen only in a comfortable, relaxed state.  You can even put the recording on at night and fall asleep to it.  It’s that easy! (Never listen while driving or doing any activity other than relaxing.)

I used to feel so rejected making cold calls. Now I feel more confident and able to hear no and just move on to the next one.

Sales calls were hard before I saw Susan. I felt less than confident. I knew my product really well but felt nervous about meeting new clients and being turned down. Susan's program helped me feel stronger and more confident. And allowed me to take rejections less personally. I feel good going to sales calls now.

I used to feel so timid. Even friends would point out how people could make such unreasonable demands on me and I just never could say no. After seeing Susan I am so much more confident, I am able to speak up for myself in any situation, at work, in social situations. I feel like my life is my own now and I am so grateful I wish I saw Susan years earlier. Thank you for changing my life!