Susan A. James CHt

Hypnosis for Life's Challenges

Why Hypnosis?


You are in control.  Only positive effects.  Your mind feels sharper.  You are more alert and rested. 


By using your mind you are able to reach the results you desire.  No pills. No diets.  No struggles.


Since 1958, hypnosis has been recognized by the American Medical Association as a legitimate form of medical treatment when administered by an appropriately trained practitioner.1


1 Simon EP, James LC. Clinical applications of hypnotherapy in a medical setting. Hawaii Med J. 1999 Dec;58(12):344-7. PMID: 10666949.

Program Features


Sessions are conducted virtually with the client in the comfort of their own home.  No masks.  No traffic.  Complete privacy and confidentiality. 


Sessions are recorded and provided to the client to reinforce the hypnosis session.  The more you listen the faster you see results.


Through the interview process during client intake your challenges are identified and this information is incorporated into your hypnosis session. No “out of the box one size fits all” approach.

About Susan

Over 20 years of Experience

Helping More Than 5000 Clients

With 15+ Challenge Specific Programs


I love helping clients look and feel terrific from the inside out.  Start with your mind and see what a difference you can make.”

   Susan A. James – Certified Hypnotist


Completely surprised! I did not think that the program would work! I am now smoke free!

I liked the program very much! It was really personal and it made me think about some things that I hadn’t thought of before. The program helped me to get to know myself more and have a greater consciousness when eating or feeling hungry.

I am finally feeling great (back to normal) and I believe your program enabled me to get to this point. I am very thankful to your and to your program.

Your recording worked! I was not nervous to give my speech at my daughter’s wedding (That was a miracle)! I was up there for 3 minutes. Since I had a heart attack I feel that this process has helped to keep my blood pressure down and has helped with everyday activities such as driving (I am not so mad anymore) Thanks Again.