Member of The National Guild of Hypnotists

Member of The National Guild of Hypnotists

Why a FREE Consultation?

I offer free consultations so that clients are able to come into my office and discuss what is going on for them without any financial obligation.  I get the opportunity to explain how hypnosis can best assist them in obtaining their goals.  Clients often come into my office with a single goal in mind such as to Stop Smoking or to Lose Weight.  Most of the time this goal is perfectly right for the client; he or she is ready to obtain the goal with hypnosis and start living a healthier life. But sometimes this is not the case.  Sometimes the client is reaching for those goals as a distraction from other things that are going on in his or her life. The consultation offers me the opportunity to understand and address each individual client’s challenges and create a customized program for success.

For example, recently I had a case of a woman who came in to my office to stop smoking.  During the free consultation I could see that she was not in a good state to proceed with this goal.  She broke down and cried then told me that she had been experiencing feelings of sadness, anxiety, and lack of focus. She had lost her job a month before, was in school taking many classes trying to graduate early, divorced after a difficult marriage, and on her own for the first time in a long time feeling very unsupported.  She had good reasons to feel the way that she did with all of the stress and pressure that she was under but she was failing to see how all of these circumstances were affecting her. She thought that if she could just stop smoking then everything would improve.

Yes, she wanted to quit smoking. However, I could see that the upset state that she was in would interfere with the process of stopping smoking. She would leave my office feeling no better than when she came in if we focused only on her stopping smoking and not on the issues that were right in front of us. I could see that the last thing she needed was for this process to fail and bring more negativity into her life. When this is the case, I encourage clients to work with me on the underlying issue first, and then the stop smoking, weight loss or whatever the goal is will be more easily attainable.

I proceeded to give her a choice: we could work on stopping smoking with all of my above concerns or we could work with the issues at hand – feelings of sadness, anxiety and lack of focus – then she could return in a few weeks in a healthier state better prepared to quit smoking.  She agreed that addressing the current issues would be the best way to proceed.

I did a hypnosis session with her addressing her current challenges.  By the end of the session I could see a visible difference in her face and overall wellbeing.  She was much calmer, focused and in a peaceful state. She emerged from the hypnosis telling me that she felt a lot calmer.

Here is her feedback to me a few weeks later:

“First and foremost, I want to say thank you. I am feeling MUCH better! I listened to the CD every night”.

Now she is ready to come back in and Stop Smoking!

Clients must feel safe and understood in order for hypnosis to be successful. The purpose of the free consultation is for the client to get to know me and for me to get to know the client. I need to understand what triggered the client to seek my services in order to determine if hypnosis is the correct procedure and how to best meet the client’s needs.  The client is interested in knowing how hypnosis can help him or her. The consultation is an opportunity for clients to get all of their questions answered at no charge and feel 100% comfortable knowing exactly how the process of hypnosis will work to assist them in accomplishing their goals.  By the end of the free consultation, the client and I have enough information so that together we are able to come up with a plan to work towards the client’s success.



New Year's Resolutions

Are you already feeling like you need a little boost on those new years resolutions?  Or has enough time passed that you have given up completely?

 Well don’t!  Hypnosis can help.

 In this issue I hope to clarify some of the ways hypnosis can assist in accomplishing your goals any time of year but especially at the start of a new year.

Weight Loss

The real key to weight loss is not dieting!  The key is to create healthy habits of eating (correctly for your body) and exercise that you are capable of maintaining for a lifetime.  Sounds simple right?

So many of us focus on what I call, the numbers game; number of calories, number on the scale, dress sizes, portion sizes, points per food, etc. The numbers game can work to help you to lose weight but once you stop the numbers game you generally gain all that weight back and more.  Why?  The reason is because you have not changed your eating habits or your relationship with food.  You have only focused on the number on the scale or the dress size and once you have gotten to your desired weight you feel like you are done.  You have not looked at the big picture of you being happy and healthy for the rest of you life.

Hypnosis can help you change those habits and create healthier habits where you are not only able to release the excess weight but to keep it off effortlessly.  Through various relaxation and visualization techniques my weight loss program allows clients to become more aware of their internal signals from their body, (example: am I truly hungry?) and to make healthy choices based on those signals; creating mindful eating habits and becoming more aware of other joys in life such as feeling more calm and relaxed, less stressed and dealing with stress in a healthier way rather than through emotional eating.

Stop Smoking

If there is one thing that I have learned over the 13+  years that I have been a hypnotist, it’s that smokers do not quit until they want to.  Nothing that anybody else says or does will make a difference until a smoker is ready to quit.  No matter how many times your doctor tells you how unhealthy smoking is for your body, no matter how many people in your family want you to quit, no matter how many restaurants & bars don’t allow smoking, no matter ho much money a pack of cigarettes goes up, smokers do not quit until they are ready to quit!

Signs that I have heard from past clients that told them that they were ready to quit:

–         Waking up coughing and hacking feeling like you just can not do this to yourself anymore.

–         Feeling tired, low energy & sick of feeling that way.

–         Taking forever to get over every cold.

–         Feeling sad because you can’t see your grand babies as often as you would like because you smoke.

–         Children and or grand children finding your cigarettes and being very disappointed in you.

–         Tired of the social stigma and feeling alienated every where you go.

–         Diagnosis of cancer in your voice box, tongue, throat and or lungs.

–         Sick and tired of have cigarettes control your life! Having to take breaks and plan your day around when you are going to have one.

No matter what your sign is when you are ready to quit smoking contact me.  My stop smoking in 1 session program has worked out to be very successful for hundreds of people.  And the feedback that I have gotten from clients is that they found my program to be the easiest way for them to quit.  They walked out of my office never again wanting to smoke and they know that I am hear for them if they need me, no lectures just to get right back on track.


All that I can say about these challenges is that there is no need to suffer anymore.  My programs are successful in releasing various kinds of anxiety (social, test, general) and replacing it with a good nights sleep as well as healthier ways of managing stress.

Check out my website for more of my hypnosis programs and contact me for a free consultation


Pelvic Floor Discomfort

Recently, I treated a 61 year old female client experiencing Pelvic Floor Discomfort. She was scheduled for Inner Stem Implant surgery but had concerns about taking such drastic permanent measures this young in her life.

Her symptoms were constant discomfort in her lower pelvic area with a strong urge to urinate.  She felt as though she had to empty her bladder all of the time, even after she had just urinated. Her discomfort level on an average day from 0 to 10 was a 10.

She came to see me as a last resort after 8 months of trying massage therapy, bio feedback, a urologist, yoga, listening to relaxation tapes and taking medications to help her sleep at night to keep her from having to get up and urinate. Still, everything felt tight and uncomfortable in her pelvic floor.

After one session I saw her again 3 weeks later for a follow up session. She was already experiencing substantially more good days than bad days. She listened to her recording of her hypnotic session daily as required and her average discomfort now was a 0 – 1.  She felt so confident at this point that she canceled her surgery appointment.

From everything that I have seen in my practice of hypnosis for the past 14 years, there is always a mind/body connection to every illness or dis-ease. Often hypnosis can restore and strengthen this connection to improve health for a variety of conditions.

If you or someone that you know is suffering from Pelvic Floor Discomfort or any discomfort in their body please send them my way.  I always begin with a FREE consultation where I can answer all of their questions and explain how hypnosis can help. Certainly, it is worth attempting to reconnect mind and body with hypnosis first than search out more invasive alternatives such as surgery.




Divorce for most people, both males and females, is a time of difficulty and confusion. There are suddenly decisions to be made about life that we are not prepared for and changes thrust upon us that we have no control over. Very often the process of divorce is a scary time with a lot of unknowns that can cause physical and emotional stress on our bodies and minds. As we all know, sleep is the first thing to go in times of major stress. Insomnia, tension, headaches, anxiety and negative thinking are just a few of the feelings that our bodies experience during these difficult times.

Fortunately, Hypnosis can help!

A customized hypnosis recording focusing on your individual fears, needs and challenges during the divorce process will allow you to improve sleep, release stress and allow your mind to think clearly so that you are able to make decisions free of emotions and free of fear.

There is often a lot of negativity during times of divorce as well. Angry words, hurtful thoughts and expressions and painful interactions with your soon to be x partner can be part of the course of any break up.  Hypnosis can help deflect these words and keep you in a calm, confident, cool and collected place so that you are able to see the facts of the situation and not get caught up in the drama of the other person.

Going through a divorce is difficult for many reasons but hypnosis can allow you to go thru it feeling grounded safe and secure, experiencing each day with a healthy attitude about yourself and the world around you.

So if you or someone that you know is facing divorce please contact me for a free consultation and we can discuss what is going on and I will explain how hypnosis can help!


What makes Weight Loss Hypnosis different from other Weight Loss Plans

Most weight loss plans focus on counting points, calories and measuring food intake or eating only their specially packaged food or shakes which are expensive and very unrealistic that you can or will eat for the rest of your life.  Even gastric bypass surgery limits your intake so that you can not eat as much food as you used to right away, but over time old eating habits can still creep back in.. With all of the weight loss methods that exist people do lose weight. However by the time clients come in to my office they have gained all that weight back and more.  Why, because they never changed their eating habits.

Changing habits is what hypnosis works best for!

Hypnosis for weight loss is not about dieting.  It is about being able to pay attention to your bodies needs! Thinking of food a fuel for your body, eating only when your body is truly hungry, making healthy food choices, stopping eating when full feeling satisfied, finding motivation for exercise and sleeping well are just some of the changes that you can expect from using hypnosis to release the excess pounds.. Hypnosis is about giving you the guidance, tools and mental support to follow through and do what you already know that you need to do to lose weight like eat healthy and exercise.

Hypnosis is not about depriving yourself of any food.  It is about learning to make healthier choices and maintaining those healthy habits

The biggest challenge that I see in my office to weight loss is patience.  People who want to lose weight want it gone instantaneously.  Clients do not recall that it took them years to gain all of the extra weight they just want it off of them immediately.

Healthy weight loss is not going to happen overnight. To truly change your eating habits, create and maintain healthy eating habits, happens right away with hypnosis, however the body is different for everyone, so once the habits are changed the weight loss can come at it’s own pace.  Rapid weight loss usually means a rapid weight gain plus more weight once the diet is over.  Slower, steady continuous weight loss is the most likely weight loss to remain off and keep off effortlessly.

Please contact me for a free consultation to see if hypnosis for weight loss is right for you,

Susan A James CHt

Hypnosis for Irrational Fears

I myself entered into the world of hypnosis through an irrational fear.  After my first son was born I began to develop irrational fears around my horse Buddy (Picture of Buddy).  I was afraid that my horse would step on me or buck me off or hurt me in some way and I would not be able to go home and take care of the baby.  I did everything that I could on a conscious level; read books, listened to equestrian recordings, watched equestrian videos with little success as this fear spun out of control for about 2 ½ years. I saw an ad for a hypnotist and after much thought and skepticism I went and had a session and literally the next day I found myself capable to do things that I was not able to do the day before; like ride outside of the arena, ask a friend to go on a trail ride up the driveway, take lessons in the outdoor arena and on the cross country course, I felt calmer and more relaxed and started having much more fun again with my horse.


The most common of irrational fear is Public Speaking. I have also worked with individuals on Fear of Flying, Fear of Spiders and Snakes, and Fear of Heights.


Many of the clients that I have worked with were CEO’s or people who work in companies where public speaking is a frequent part of their job. They would often find themselves so terrified of speaking in front of their employees and co-workers that they found themselves frequently calling in sick or scheduling to be away during that time to avoid having to give their talk.  Each person described themselves as competent about the information but could not understand why they were so nervous talking about it in front of groups of people large or small.



One man that I helped was actually the father of the bride.  He had always been very nervous about public speaking but a few months earlier he had had a heart attack.  His doctor was very concerned about his father of the bride speech giving him enough anxiety to trigger another heart attack.


As with all of my programs each client began with a free consultation, where they were welcome to come in to my office and we discussed what was going on with them and I was able to explain specifically how hypnosis could help.  From there they were able to get started right away or they were able to go home and think about it, whichever they preferred.


We met approximately every 3 weeks usually for 4 sessions total. At each session I asked them some questions including:


– To describe the current situation,

– When does the nervousness start ?

– Any physical sensations in the body. etc


– If there was anything that was making the situation better or worse. Which some responded smaller groups and or sitting down made them more comfortable.


– What was their overall vision of overcoming this problem?


I recorded the hypnosis portion of their sessions and instructed each client to listen in a comfortable, relaxing environment and to NEVER listen while driving.


The recordings are perfect to put on at night and fall asleep to, or to listen to in the morning before getting out of bed or to listen to during the day if the client was able to take a nap type of a break.  Clients could listen once, twice or three times a day but must listen every day at least once a day for the time in between our sessions.


On the recordings I incorporated relaxation, safety and the information gathered above.


Clients often saw incremental changes in between sessions throughout the program.  Many were pleasantly surprised at how the hypnosis sessions actually improved their attitude throughout the day, finding that they were able to cope better with overall stress and anxiety not just regarding public speaking but in general.


Clients are usually very pleased with the overall results from their program.  Feeling calmer, more confident and relaxed before during and after their talks.   Responding to sensations in the body instead of seeing these sensations as negative, seeing themselves as energized and excited, can’t wait to give their speech, finding that they are able to become the relaxed, charismatic, interesting, engaging speaker that they wanted to be.

Often clients find themselves after completing my program that they are able to speak out in areas where they were never able to before.  Such as when going around the room in a group and telling everyone your name and why you are there that used to terrify them.  Speaking up, asking questions, and answering questions in situations where they used to be too nervous to speak even though they knew the answers.


Clients are now feeling capable and able to do things that they were not able to do before!  The same way that I felt back in when I first sought hypnosis for irrational fears around my horse Buddy!


So if you are suffering from any kind of an irrational fear you too can benefit from the work of hypnosis!



Hypnosis for Children and Teens

Children and teens are some of my favorite past clients, mainly because I get such a wonderful feeling watching them be successful. At even as early as 8 years old, some children can articulate very well to me their thoughts and feelings about their challenges and how they want to change and do things differently. It is such a joy for me to guide them to get to that place where they can not only accomplish their goals but also feel proud of themselves knowing that this was their accomplishment.  Just as with adults, no one can make a change unless they truly want to, whether they use hypnosis or anything else.


I have treated children and teens for medical challenges such as chronic constipation, sensitivity to noises, Turret Syndrome Ticks and general anxiety with great success.  I have also treated children and teens for school related challenges such as Test Anxiety and irrational fears of Math. Sports performance, insomnia and healthy eating habits are just some of the other areas where I have seen great success in children and teens.  My favorite challenge to work with in children and is stuttering because the change comes so quickly and is very noticeable by everyone in their lives and of course the child feels very proud of himself/herself for this accomplishment and is relieved of much embarrassment that has hindered their early school and social experiences.


Whatever the issue children and teens are aware of their challenge day in and day out and many times are very embarrassed and concerned that other kids will notice..  In some cases the challenges can limit children and teen activities; in others it actually limits their ability to live life to its fullest.  For most kids I am their last resort after spending months and possibly years working to deal with their challenges in other ways, such as medication or just learning to live with it.


Fortunately, hypnosis helps!


Children and teens tend to respond to hypnosis quicker than adults.  I feel the reason for this is because we are catching challenges before they have been going on for a long time and the mind has gotten set in its way.  For example, I worked with an adult male stutterer for 12 sessions who accomplished being able to stop before stuttering and take a breath, allowing the words to flow freely instead of tripping over them.  The same accomplishment was completed with a child of 13 years old in 2 sessions. Kids are amazing!


As with all of my client, children and teens begin with a free consultation where they can come into my office and talk about what is going on for them and I can explain to the child/teen and their parent how hypnosis can help.  From there they are welcome to get started right away or go home and think about it whichever they prefer. I do require with anyone under 18 years old at least one parent must stay in my office with the child/teen at all times.  This is not only for liability but it also makes the child feel safer knowing that they will not be left with someone that they do not know.  (Though in the process I have put many parents to sleep and sometimes snoring in the background).


A few cases in which I will not work with a child or teen are:

  1. If the child does not want to make the change
  2. If the child is not completely 100% comfortable



The child or teens comfort level is very important to the success of hypnosis just as it is with adults.  If an individual child, teen or adult is unable to relax in the office environment for any reason, there is no need to proceed. So it is perfectly ok with me if the parent and child or teen want to come in and meet me and go home and have a discussion about if hypnosis is right for them.  Remember, child, teen or adult can be skeptical, that is ok, but if you don’t want to make the change or are not able to relax these factors will inhibit success



The hypnosis portion of the session is about ½ hour long and contains relaxation, safety and guided imagery. Each session is unique in the techniques that I use but all are meant to accomplish the goal of relieving the subconscious mind of the challenge.


So if your child is experiencing a challenge, whatever it may be, give me a call for a free consultation and we can discuss what is going on for them and I will explain how hypnosis can help!

Hypnosis for Anxiety

When I think about my past clients that have come to me for anxiety relief I think first of the many reasons that people suffer from anxiety.  For some, they have suffered for their whole entire lives and the anxiety is somehow a part of their make up.  For others there is an initial sensitizing event such has being in a car accident in the past and now they are afraid to drive.  For others it is an actual long term side effect from taking medications that were given to them by their doctor such as steroids or Chantex.

Whatever the reason anxiety haunts many people day in and day out.  In some cases the anxiety can limit people’s activities, in others it actually limits their ability to live life to it’s fullest.  For many clients I am their last resort after spending months and years working to over come anxiety.

Fortunately, hypnosis can and does help!

As usual, all of my clients begin with a free consultation where they can come into my office and talk about what is going on for them and I can explain how hypnosis can help.  From there they can get started right away or go home and think about it whichever they prefer.

I work with clients for anxiety relief in multiple sessions. Clients often report major changes occurring in the weeks in between sessions such as feeling more confidence, feeling calmer in situations that used to upset them, and feeling an overall sense of relief from the anxiety that used to plague them daily.

Sometimes clients will notice differences in their attitude that are subtle.  Other times clients will express major changes and feelings of freedom from the limitations that the anxiety used to create.

The hypnosis portion of the session is about ½ hour long and contains relaxation, safety and guided imagery. Each session is unique in the techniques that I use but all are meant to accomplish the goal of relieving the subconscious mind of the anxiety. Each session is recorded on a CD for the client to listen to for reinforcement during 21 days in between each session.

Many clients see their lives open up through this process.  Some are able to drive in situations and places where they never thought that they could, others are able to expand their horizons just by getting out of their houses and many are able to feel comfortable in social situations that they could not attend before.

So if you are experiencing a anxiety for whatever reason, call me for a free consultation and we can discuss what is going on for you and I will explain how hypnosis can help!

Until then Be Kind to Yourself,

Susan A. James

Stop Smoking – a very personal note

I have helped people of all ages to be tobacco free.  I have helped people in all stages of health, from young and healthy to approaching their last treatment of chemotherapy for lung cancer. My frustration as a Hypnotist lies within the people who I was never able to help or those that I have helped too late.

A few years ago I had a lovely neighbor who, when the wife asked me to help her husband to quit smoking I told her that he needed to want to quit.  When we asked him if he wanted to quit he said he didn’t smoke that much.  From diagnosis to death from stage 4 Lung Cancer for him was only 6 months. He was 51 years old.  He stopped smoking the day he that began chemotherapy.  He left behind a beautiful wife and a 12 year old boy who needed his father. I was not able to help him because he did not want to quit.

I had a wonderful client, a man in his 50’s that smoked 2 packs of cigarettes a day who wanted to quit.  He came to see me in September of 2006.  He walked out of my office tobacco free.  He was so happy that he came back in 2007 with his wife for my weight loss program. I recently spoke with his son who wants me to help his wife stop smoking.  When I asked how his dad was doing he told me that he died in May 2010 of stage 4 lung cancer.  I helped him to quit smoking and he was happy but it was too late.

Everyone knows that tobacco kills people each day and each year.  Everyone knows that tobacco and cigarettes cost a lot of money, health, energy and time from all of us.  Everyone knows that tobacco contains tar, nicotine and other chemicals that poison our bodies.  But tobacco can never be outlawed. It will never be removed from our society because there are too many people making money off of it for it to ever go away.

So the best advice is to never pick up that first cigarette.  But most of the clients that I have seen picked up their first cigarette at the age of 12.  How easy is it to access the risks of a smoking habit at the age of 12?  I have never had a client who told me that they picked up their first cigarette over the age of 35 or even 25 for that matter.  And those that started at age 12 never imagined that 20, 30 or even 50 years later this habit would still be haunting them.

So did I ever smoke?  Yes, from the time that I was 17 years old to 21 years old.  When my mother finally asked me if I smoked I said yes and she asked me to quit. So I did, and it was the hardest thing that I had ever done in my life at that time.

I didn’t think that I smoked all that much.  I smoked maybe 2 cigarettes a day and more like a ½ pack when I went out to bars with my girlfriends.  I never thought about cigarettes or had cravings or even worried about the smell because I smoked so little.  But when I tried to quit it was all that I could think about.  Everywhere I went I saw people smoking and I wanted one.  Every time I was alone I wanted one.  It was like the thoughts took over me instead of me feeling in control of my thoughts.  It was a terrible feeling and I don’t know how long it lasted but I remember being surprised because I didn’t think that I ever smoked all that much.

 I never picked up another cigarette, at that time it was because I made a promise to my mother but years later I can remember people asking me if I wanted one and just thinking about how hard quitting really was made me say no.

So on a personal note, through my work and what I have seen and what I would recommend is that an individual needs to want to quit.  If they do not want to quit then nothing that anyone else says or does will make a difference.  But even if they don’t want to quit now, there is no reason why they can not explore options so that when they are ready they can execute a plan already in place.

One sign that many clients have expressed to me that let them know that they were ready to quit smoking is that when they got up in the morning they said “I just don’t want to do this anymore”.

Thank you for reading this far.  I would love to see you or anyone that you know in my office for a free consultation to learn how hypnosis can help make quitting easier.  Until then,

Be kind to yourself,

Susan A James – Certified Hypnotist